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Sprinkler Installation the Future of Plumbing
Published by: PlumbingJobs (16) on Sun, Jul 10, 2016  |  Word Count: 452  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Plumbing jobs

Plumbers who have a specialization in installing sprinkler systems have to know the building code of their area. While most cities and towns have ordinances which require sprinklers to be in commercial buildings, many people are now using them in private homes. The states of Pennsylvania and California require all new homes being built to have sprinkler systems built in.

Sprinkler System Maintenance

This means that this niche is ever growing in demand. An important service is provided by plumbers who know how to install and maintain sprinkler systems. Lives can be saved by a system that functions properly and lost by one that is faulty. A study which was conducted by the U.S. Fire Administration in 2009, showed that a person’s risk of dying in a fire drops by over 80% if the home is equipped with a sprinkler system. When one considers that 85% of all fire deaths occur in the home (according to the National Fire Protection Association).

Eventually all homes which are built will be required to have sprinkler systems. When this happens, this specialization will explode. Training for it now will put you ahead of the competition when demand more than quadruples over the next few years.


It takes some additional training to prepare for this field, especially since every city and state has their own requirements for safety in addition to the federal regulations. The demand for this specialization is highest in the states that have mandatory sprinkler guidelines (Pennsylvania and California). But, as people are becoming more conscious about safety these jobs will be more and more frequent.

Seeing this growing trend, many plumbing contractorsand companies are hiring individuals who know how to install sprinkler systems. Some are even providing tuition for employees who want to gain training. This trend could become the norm for more residences and commercial buildings in the future. The plumbing industry needs to get in front of this if it is going to be prepared when the demand is made greater.

When one considers the lower insurance premiums and the 70% reduction in loss of items, sprinkler installation really pays for itself. But, for those who are concerned about cost, it averages less than $2 per square foot to put one into a home. Homeowners will see the advantages of this “extra.” Especially those who are parents of small children of either the two-legged or four-legged variety.

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