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A cursory look at the key features of modern Adaptive equipment
Published by: Aaryan Smith` (16) on Mon, Apr 20, 2020  |  Word Count: 479  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Assistive technology is a broad term for any device or piece of equipment that can be used to assist or improve a person in some kind of task. An adaptive equipment is any tool or other device that is modified to make it easier for a disabled person to use.

There are many different types of equipment for a child with cerebral paralysis that can help participate in more activities, improve learning or communications, improve listening and mobility, and simplify life. This technology is essential to the success of a child and to the transition to an independent adult life. There are many Adaptive equipment charity for war heroes of America which provide adaptive equipment for people of different age groups.

Cerebral paralysis causes a number of different kinds of impairment such as issues with walking, difficulty hearing and the ability to communicate or even hold a pencil. The severity of these disabilities ranges from mild to severe and can affect the quality of life, independence and all aspects of human and emotional health.

Spreading education

More inclusion in activities and recreation, improved communications with others and a better response to the needs of the child result in greater emotions. Many kids can’t walk, while others can walk with help, some without any help. Services that improve mobility, including the use of walkers and non-electric wheelchairs, can be very useful.

Appliances like electric wheelchairs are also available. This helps children who operate with a button or joystick to use their arms and hands. Lifts can be used to help the child move from sitting to standing positions between the floors in the home, into and out of vehicles. An additional mobility option is a power scooter.

Functional electrical stimulation is an exciting technology, which is very promising to help people with disabilities to gain more mobility. A small device provides power to stimulate specific muscles. It functions by activating the nerves and causing the muscles to move and exercise muscles to work more effectively over time.

Communication technology

Communication is a problem for many children with cerebral paralysis. A child may have throat and mouth muscles affected by the condition, which create problems for word formation. It is therefore difficult to express emotions and requirements, to learn and to be social with others in school.

In order to improve communication skills, children may work with language therapists, and these professionals frequently utilize supporting technologies like electronic communication boards. These devices are similar to a tablet with a special application or program. Child has a selection of letters, words, number and photos in the Communications Board. Child can then choose them to talk to others. Depending on a child’s ability, a speech / language therapist can teach them to successfully use a communication board.

Source: https://warriorpals.com/a-cursory-look-at-the-key-features-of-modern-adaptive-equipment/
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