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Cardio vs Resistance
Published by: portlandfitness (16) on Sun, Mar 22, 2015  |  Word Count: 525  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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There are lots of things out there that will tell you what to eat and how to exercise in order to get fit. Articles, movies, books, TV shows, pretty much every medium on earth has addressed this at some point. But how does it all work? What type of exercise should you do if you really want to shed pounds, and what makes that type of exercise better than other types? There are two basic types of exercise: cardiovascular exercise and resistance exercise, and each play a different part in overall fitness.

Cardiovascular exercise consists of exercises that get your heart rate high and keep it there for a sustained amount of time. Things like running, biking, walking and swimming are cardiovascular exercises. They increase your body’s endurance, heart strength, and help you to directly shed weight. For this reason, cardiovascular exercises (such as running) are avoided by body builders and people who are looking to gain strength (or, if not avoided, glossed over somewhat as an area of fitness). However, for the average person, a good cardiovascular base is an important aspect of fitness, and should not be overlooked.

Resistance training involves lifting things. It can be freeweights, such as dumbbells or barbells, bodyweight, machine-based or done with rocks. It really doesn’t matter. So long as you are lifting something against the pull of gravity, it is considered resistance training, and it’s important to do. Resistance training builds strength and bulks the body, giving people the toned, muscular look that so many are looking for. It also has some hidden benefits as well, such as helping to prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bones, and actually helps to burn more calories while resting. Muscle burns more calories than fat, and since resistance training builds up those muscles, they will start requiring more calories to fuel, even when not being worked. This can also help people shed weight.

The most important thing to understand about fitness is that it comes best from consistency. The majority of people you see that are truly fit workout every day of the week for an hour or more. They don’t do the ten-minute workout that they advertise in magazines unless they are truly pressed for time. But don’t despair; the majority of people on the covers of magazines or on TV or in movies are sculpted by a team of nutritionists, personal trainers, Photoshop and quite possibly more than the average amount of supplements to look like they do. They aren’t attainable bodies, and that’s not what you should shoot for. Work out with consistency, eat healthily, and eventually fitness will come.

About the Author
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