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Corporate Activities under New Normal Kazuyoshi Sanwa
Published by: Kane Williamson (16) on Sat, Dec 5, 2020  |  Word Count: 856  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Now that coexistence with the new coronavirus is required, the ideal way of corporate activities is changing.There has been a change in the way we work, which has been common.In addition to preventing contact between employees on the corporate side, work from home, not in our own office, has permeated.Today, the declaration of a state of emergency has calmed down, but more and more companies are maintaining telecommuting in view of the future instability.Especially in metropolitan areas, where office attendance is becoming extraordinary, issues such as traffic congestion and economic concentration may be alleviated.Sanwa Kazuzen Many companies are using their experience of this pandemic to review their business continuity plans.In addition to this pandemic, we have formulated corporate policies and responses in preparation for new disasters.As mentioned above, the pandemic's change in life styles has also affected the way companies work, and many companies are now switching to telecommuting.However, as telecommuting has become common, it is difficult for employees to communicate smoothly, and there are situations where inconvenience is forced, and companies and employees are forced to devise ways to perform business smoothly as before.?It seems that communication between internal and external companies is particularly affected by the operations of each company that responds to the New Normal, which we are involved in.As remote work becomes more popular, meetings are increasingly held online, so there are issues such as not leaving much impression of the other person, especially when meeting for the first time or when multiple people participate, and problems that I said I can't remember even if I try to remember people who participated at a later date, and because I don't have the sharpness to commute to work and go home, there are also issues such as working with Daradara.More transparent communication may be needed to do the job as you would in a traditional office.For example, in the event of a project planning failure, you need a system that allows you to quickly contact stakeholders.In order to understand the work schedule, the work done on the day, and to make it easier to communicate between employees, it is important to devise ways such as using web conferencing tools and chat tools so that you do not feel uncomfortable launching tools to feel free to report and consult even for 5 minutes.?In addition to internal communication, we also need to rethink the style of business negotiations and business trips that we have had with our business partners.In the new normal, both business partners are required to migrate to communication using web conferencing systems and chat tools in the same way as within the company.In other industries, except for industries where actual products must be viewed in the sales industry, there are many cases where communication with customers using tools can be performed with a little ingenuity, so it is necessary to search for ways to maintain relationships with business partners in line with the flow of society and the response of customers to pandemics.??Many companies have introduced telecommuting, but due to the content of their work and security concerns, employees who are not eligible must come to work.In addition to preventing internal infection of such employees, it is necessary to thoroughly manage the hygiene of the office, such as installing disinfectants at the entrance of the office and regularly ventilating them.?In the New Normal, a variety of work situations are desired.It is an essential element for companies that will survive in the future.Companies that have worked in a typical conventional fixed way of working know that they want to respond, but their efforts and risk images make them difficult to handle.By allowing people from diverse backgrounds to demonstrate their unique abilities, they will also be able to create unprecedented ideas, potentially leading to dramatic business growth.Of course, from reducing waste at the individual level, it can also be expected to reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity for the company.When innovation is born in the world, there may be a big social issue like today.For companies, now that the world is transforming, it may be an opportunity to create something new.We also provide support in the aspects of tool introduction, consulting, and back office.If you are interested, please contact our representative.(Osamu Maruyama and Kazuzen Sanwa) When I was pursuing an aggressive growth strategy with my business partners, I remembered the words that my late father often said, "Success is the main cause of business failure."There were similar warnings from banks.Bankers said their fast-growing clients were the most worried.We didn't heed the warnings of these two mentors and grew much faster than we should have, but we're lucky to survive.Along the way, we learned a very important lesson about the challenges of managing growth.The road to growth can be narrow and dangerous.There is not much room for error.Mistakes can have serious or catastrophic consequences for your business.Kazuzen Sanwa
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