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Gangrene And Heart Disease Is There A Connection
Published by: Aaryan Smith` (16) on Thu, Mar 8, 2018  |  Word Count: 419  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Gangrene is a condition in which body tissue dies. The main cause of gangrene is loss of blood supply due to either an underlying illness, injury or infection. You’ve probably heard of gangrene, or worse, seen it affect someone. But did you know that gangrene can be of different types? Or that heart disease can be a cause of gangrene?

Types of Gangrene

Gangrene mainly has two types:

Dry gangrene: More common in people with cardiac and/or blood vessel disease (like peripheral vascular disease), diabetes, and autoimmune diseases, dry gangrene usually affects the hands and feet. It develops when blood flow to the affected area is impaired, usually as a result of poor circulation. In this type, the tissue dries up and may be brown to purplish-blue to black in colour and often falls off. Unlike other types of gangrene, infection is typically not present in dry gangrene. However, dry gangrene can lead to wet gangrene if it becomes infected.

Wet gangrene: Unlike dry gangrene, wet gangrene almost always involves an infection. Injury from burns or trauma where a body part is crushed or squeezed can rapidly cut off blood supply to the affected area, causing tissue death and increased risk of infection. The tissue swells and blisters and is called "wet" because of pus. Infection from wet gangrene can spread quickly throughout the body, making wet gangrene a very serious and potentially life-threatening condition if not treated quickly.

Heart Disease and Gangrene

Dry gangrene, as mentioned above, is caused when blood circulation is cut to a body part. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) and/or peripheral vascular disease both are conditions both cause build-up of a fatty material called plaque (pronounced plak) on the inside walls of the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the head, internal organs, and limbs. This plaque can block blood flow in the long-term if not prevented. Blocked blood flow can cause pain and numbness. It also can increase chances of infection and make it difficult for the body to fight infection. If severe enough, blocked blood flow can cause tissue death, also known as gangrene (both types). You can find the leading cardiologists in Patna at certain super-speciality heart hospitals in Patna. The heart specialists in Patna are among the best in the country and experts treating all kinds of cardiovascular disorders and any other complications that arise because of them.
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