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Laser treatment doesnt always work for upper lip hair removal
Published by: liphairremoval (16) on Sun, Jul 20, 2014  |  Word Count: 406  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Laser hair removals are one of the most common procedures when it’s about upper lip hair removal, it’s about a treatment which emits a highly concentrated light into the hair follicles so the pigments in there absorb the light, it’s supposed to destroy the hair as final result.

The success of permanent hair removal depends on many factors, the results are never guaranteed even if the specialist promises so. There are couple of types of laser machines, the ones I used were the IPL (intense pulse light) and the FOTONA which is “painless” because while the procedure is underway they apply cool air to disguise the pain.

Each laser hair removal machine has its own capabilities, but the truth is that each has a certain limitation of scope. Some laser treatment doesn’t get completely rid of hair because it doesn’t always reach the deepest layer of the hair follicle. This is one of the main reasons why laser treatments do not always work.

Another common reason is because the hair has its growth cycles and when a laser treatment is applied once it only destroys the hair that is grown on that specific month but not the other part which is about to grow, this is why this takes months to be done and sometimes the treatment misses some hair cycles and a small portion of the funicular pores are not touched.

In resume, the results of the laser hair removal treatment are not guaranteed since it depends on the laser machine and your type of skin. If your hair’s growth tend to be thin and light (but not blonde or it won’t work) then there’s high probabilities that it will work, on the other hand, if it tends to be thick and dark it might only be limited to reduce the amount of hair.

Find the best solution for permanent upper lip hair removal.


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