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Lawn Care When on a Vacation
Published by: TenderCareLawnService (16) on Thu, Sep 15, 2016  |  Word Count: 653  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Summertime is definitely fun. It’s a time when you want to take a relaxing vacation away from the daily chores of your regular life. But while you may feeling like packing up your bags and dodging the summers, you should plan your lawn maintenance.

Lawn care company offer professional assistance while you’re on a vacation. Nevertheless, you can yourself do a few things to make sure your lawn remains healthy while you enjoy your vacation.

Here are some useful tips to help your lawn get through your summer vacation:

1.Vacation period – How long will you be away? If it’s just a week or less, you may not need to worry. It’s possible your lawn won’t even miss you. If you plan a longer vacation that stretches about 10 days or more or live somewhere dry and hot, that’s when you need to look out for your plants.

2.Mowing – If you’re planning for a vacation longer than 10 days, it’s best to mow your lawn and mulch the clippings to add moisture-retentive organic matter. It’s best to do this a day or two before you leave.

3.Watering – If you’re dealing with dry summer heat, deep watering your lawn a day before leaving is in order. Also, make sure you have a plan to keep your lawn hydrated if you’ll be gone for a significant amount of time. You can take help from a neighbor, a gardener or a lawn care company.

4.Fertilization – Though most of the grasses grow slowly in the summertime, it’s advised not to fertilize your lawn much before leaving. After all, you don’t want a jungle by the time you return.

5.Pest control – Inspect your lawn for any burn spots, weeds, insects and diseases. Spot spray for any kind of infestation before going away.

6.Major lawn services – Don’t opt for any major lawn care services like aeration, dethatching, or resodding before you leave. Your presence is essential in such cases to closely monitor the health of your lawn.

7.Pots and planters – Most of us have some pots or planters as a part of our lawn. While going on a vacation, move them to an area that’s more shady during the day time. Keep them grouped together. This creates a humid microclimate, conserves water, and keeps them healthy.

8.Weather forecast – The weather forecast back home is as important as that of the vacation destination. If the forecast announces long, hot or dry weather, make sure your lawn and plants are well-prepared to deal with those conditions and you have a caretaker for them.

The absence of a caring gardener can result in chaos for your lawn and potted plants. But with these tips and techniques you can have a worry-free vacation and come back home to a healthy and happy garden.

Contact Us today to schedule your vacation lawn care.

Author Bio:

Tender Care Lawn is a dedicated lawn care companystarted by Donald Lapoint and family in 2004 in southwest Louisiana. Our goal is to provide affordable, dependable, quality Landscape Maintenance Services. We believe in complete customer satisfaction. Our services include grass cutting, fertilization, weed control, shrub and hedge trimming in the Sulphur, Lake Charles, Moss Bluff, Westlake, Carlyss and surrounding areas.

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