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Liver Transplantation and Life After Transplantation
Published by: Liver Transplant (16) on Tue, Dec 2, 2014  |  Word Count: 566  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Liver is an essential part of the body that enables filtering activities in the body. When this liver gets diseased and affected from virus, etc., the filtering activities in the body will be interrupted and disturbed.
General Problems resulting from Problematic Liver
Jaundice is a problem with the health, from the eyes and skin become yellowish.
Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Itching over the skin
Easy bleeding and bruising
Black stool
Feeling confused
Feeling forgetful
Abdomen getting swollen
Problems to the New Liver
After the surgery, infections, rejection of the liver and bleeding are taken care by the doctors. The patient is given the medication in order to prevent any further problems like rejection and infections causing from the transplanted liver. It is the natural system of the body to reject and destroy the new organs and parts of the body by the immune system. So, it is important to take immunosuppressive medicines to prevent this rejection. The patient needs to continue this anti-rejection medicine for the entire life.
The anti-rejection medicine causes the natural immune system of the body to weaken. So, there can be side-effects possible and the patient has to be careful about all these effects. However, the doctors also will keep watching for them to treat.
The side-effects can be
- Weight Gain
- Diabetes may attack
- Blood Pressure will be increased
- Bones may become brittle
- Skin cancer may effect
- Cholesterol could be increased
- Kidney can be affected and damaged
When the organ is in the process of rejection by the body, there would result certain symptoms. Patient has to be conscious about these symptoms and should report to the doctor soon. The symptoms may be
- Pain experienced around the liver
- Fever might be experienced
- Urine will be in dark color
- Jaundice
- Stool will be in light color
The above symptoms are the direct symptoms that are experienced by the patients. However, not all the rejections of the liver will have direct symptoms like them. The unseen and unexperienced symptoms are diagnosed by the doctors, by checking the blood, etc. And liver biopsy is the process used to find the rejection of the liver. It is done by checking a small piece of the new liver from the body.
Apart from the above rejection problems, the new liver transplant Pakistan may also get affected from the recurring diseases. For example, if the patient had to go the liver transplant Pakistan resulted from hepatitis C virus and if the same virus has got attacked again, there is a possibility that the new liver also will get affected from the virus or same disease.
Apart from the above problems, the new liver may also possibly get affected from the problems like blood vessels that are moving in or out the new liver gets blocked. If the bile ducts are damaged, it also might affect the functioning of the new liver.
For whatever may be the reasons, if the new liver gets affected to function, the team of the medical professionals may consider to for another attempt of Liver Transplant Surgery in Pakistan. Post surgery care suggested by the doctors has to be maintained to ensure that the problem will not be re-occurred and life after transplantation is normal as before.
Best Liver surgeon in Pakistan having the great experience of liver transplant surgery.
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