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Myanmar Young App Developer want to Report Human Rights Violation in Mobile Phone
Published by: Digital Kaway (16) on Sun, Feb 21, 2016  |  Word Count: 429  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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The young developer,got the inspiration for the application during a trip to Switzerland. Following talks with officials of the United Nations and other actors on human rights, and because of the problems in Myanmar, he had an idea – a platform that would allow victims of human rights violations communicate such rights to the defendants.

Chatting over coffee at J’Donuts, Ko Win Htaike Aung – wearing a shirt that says “data nerd” – said it took the application in his spare time. It works by digital agency Myanmar more, but began working on Android apps again in 2013 and is well aware of the power of mobile technology. After six weeks of work, the former web developer who implement human rights Myanmar.

Ko Win Htaik Aung want to allow people to submit information anonymously in mobile app. But although the informal relationships help give ordinary citizens a voice, they can also be difficult to confirm. The weakness of the app, he said, was the uncertainty of whether the reports are true or not.

Volunteers help find the evidence to back up complaints received through the application, he said, although at the time the Htaik Aung Ko Win is the only person working on the App or able to investigate claims of potential. The application has recently gone live, but without a lot of publicity, and not yet received any report.

But the application will also work to raise awareness of human rights in general increase. Ko Win Htaik Aung says the platform will mainly target users in remote areas, where the human rights information to be missing.

Internet access is still a problem in Myanmar, especially in remote areas. But millions of people around the country connected with access through a combination of low cost SIM cards and the wider network coverage. And increasing access to the Internet, content source applications from the crowd more and more.

App Myanmar human rights of Ko Win Htaik Aung the caliber Kyeet follows, along with the monitoring of the elections by the Myanmar ICT for Development Organisation, which gave people the opportunity to send incident reports.

Mobile application is not the solution to the problems of human rights in Myanmar and Aung Ko Win Htaik developer know that as what impact is limited. But we hope you can still connect people who might rights violations suffered by people like his father.

“I do not want to resolve human rights problems,” he said. “But I redirect people to those who can help.”
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