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Proper Silage Storage and Maintenance Can Go a Long Way Heres Why
Published by: Silage Agro Private Limited (16) on Thu, Jul 22, 2021  |  Word Count: 584  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Busy farmers have much more to worry about than thinking whether their silage is stored correctly for future use or not. Fodder is one of the highest costs in farms, and with this summer’s plethora of rain, it is a big priority for farmers to store their silage properly.

Silage is nothing but crops preserved using lactic acid in an airless space to store the nutrients. If it is properly manufactured and stored, it can last for years. For a fact, in 2018, a farmer took out a 26-year-old silage pit for feed-out during drought time and found that it still had 7.5% protein.

This article sheds light on the farmers’ problems and gives them efficient silage storing and maintenance solutions.

The problem of Farmers

The problem of farmers is the need to properly store & maintain the silage pile to save time and money, which they can utilize in other farming activities.

The solution for Farmers

A simple solution for farmers is to use specialized equipment and this advice.
The best way to maintain the silage stack is to decrease aerobic decay. To do this, farmers should keep their silage face as air-tight as possible; they should avoid puncturing it at all costs as it can allow air to enter and damage their hard work. To make it work, they should use specially designed equipment such as:
? The easy rake keeps all the silage close to each other as farmers move them to the silo.
? The Fritsch facer can be attached to the vehicle while moving the silage. It has a roller-type front that keeps the silage compact.

Using these types of equipment to maintain the pile increases efficiency during the feed-out time. Unlike other farm equipment such as the bucket tractor, if farmers use the equipment mentioned above, they will not get unwanted wear and tear, and their silage face will remain even and tight. It will even maintain consistency, regardless of who is moving the feed.

What will happen if proper equipment is not used?

Dry matter or DM in silage is where a severe portion of loss occurs. Since the matter on the outside and top of the pile is exposed more to air and changes in temperature, it dries out over time and becomes a loose substance on the ground, which wastes the walls surrounding it.

So if the farmers use the faulty equipment, they will only puncture their pile, which will leave holes from which air can enter and cause unwanted bacteria to form and destroy the silage. It also reduces its nutritional value. In short, losing a DM is losing money and time.

Other benefits of using the specially designed proper equipment to store and maintain silage

Here are some other benefits of properly storing and maintaining the silage stack.
? It saves them time and money for the farmers that they can utilize in other farming activities.
? It increases the nutritional value of the silage, which helps improve the quality of the output that dairy animals give.
? If it has proper pH levels and fermentation, silage can be highly digestible, yummy, and nutritious fodder.

Want corn, sugarcane, or Wheat Silage that has a long shelf life? Buy silage from Silage Agro, their silage does not only have 18 months-long shelf life, but the bales are also perfectly round for easy storage and maintenance.
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