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Responsive Web Design A Buzz of the Nonce and a Trend of the Future
Published by: Web Development Islamabad (16) on Thu, Feb 13, 2014  |  Word Count: 427  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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The consumption habits of the users are nowadays demonstrating sea change in the pattern of web browsing. The users are keener about accessing internet through the new mediums that have bloomed in the market such as tablets and Smartphones. This change of tack in web design Islamabad, therefore, calls for a technology that facilitates in serving all the platforms.

In the year 2012, at the same time as personal computers have witnessed a significant downfall in its turnover, nevertheless, tablets is likely to go beyond 100 million this year, and the Smartphones are the commodities that are undoubtedly in vogue.

So, with the amplification of this rapid migration from conventional technology i.e. personal computers to the contemporary Smartphones and tablets, it has become a necessity for any website to shape itself up in accordance with it.

To adapt itself to these changes, the industry has moved towards Responsive Web Design company Islamabad. It has spread a buzz all around the tech world. With responsive web design, a web designer in Islamabad faces challenge of ascertaining the good appearance of the website both on the big as well as small screen devices, it is necessary for them to imbibe a few building blocks that they must inculcate in their design.

The Responsive Web Design is a blend of an array of features that facilitates a website to adapt the environment of the sort of device it is accessed from.

Fluid Grid
Fluid and flexible grids are in vogue since the inception of the website design Islamabad. Fluid grid possesses power over the large and small styling fairly to furnish preeminent experience for every device.

Media Queries
Media queries furnish with various kinds of designs that facilitates in making a website look good on small screens also. It enables the web pages in adopting sorts of style rules of the Cascading Style Sheets in accordance with the type of device it is accessed from and make a page look alike across several different platforms. Multiple media queries can also be blended together into a single style sheet.

Flexible Screen Resolution
This is yet another factor that must be taken into due consideration for fabricating a flexible screen resolution that can fit into diverse sizes of screens.

Adjustable Images
Similar to the resolutions, images too calls for sincere endeavours. There are scores of modus operandi that assist a web designer in Islamabad in the development of responsive layouts and handling various kinds of images of diverse screen resolutions.
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