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Selfie info graphs some important stats and details
Published by: laiwlaske (16) on Wed, Nov 5, 2014  |  Word Count: 566  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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With the passage of time the techniques of taking clichés have underwent major changes. This article will be dealing with such a technique which has become viral all across the planet. To find out read the article below to know:

General idea:

This is a concept which we used to do even earlier. Having a camera handset we just used to click random pictures of our selves. Even with our no so good cameras back cameras we used to do this frequently. At that time the name selfie was not known to many people. Then in the year 2001 things changed and within a short time span things just went into overdrive. The name selfie was now known to and all and it started spreading like a virus. Various smart phones having great frontal cameras were launched which assisted people to take selfies and upload it on various social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more.

Popular among everyone:

Selfies are now the new mode of cliché clicking. They are a very popular ever since the last five to six years the popularity percentage has rather taken a massive jump. Everyone is doing it. Whether it is a school going or college going kid or an eminent personality, all have been infected by this viral disease known as seflies. Some personalities such as the president of the U.S Mr. Barrack Obama, musical pop star Justin Bieber or drama queen celebrity Kim Kardashian all have been seen employing this method of picture taking.

The science of selfies:

Currently it is regarded as one of the prime modes of capturing images and with the assistance of selfie info graphics one can easily analyze who are the more selfie monger among the two sexes. Selfie info graphics in simple terms means the science of selfies. They assist analysts analyze the craze for this technique and how in such a short span of time they have caught the world by the scuff of its neck.

Different concept:

Selfie graphic infographic is a static method of visualizing data, hence as a result of that the parallax effect can be initiated or implemented. This infographic is a bit different than some of the other published previously. All the state of the art technologies and trends are concentrated on the pictures, particularly on the blurry and deep field images. But with these selfie graphic concepts, the backgrounds are created with some of the most popular selfie clicks. It is a very simple technique where interestingly all the deep field or blurry images are employed to make the background interesting and catchy. There are not many info graphics around who employ this technique yet but with the passage of time it is expected that technique of deep field and blurry image field background will be very popular.

About the Author –

The author has interests in collecting various selfie photos that creates huge online buzz and creating infographics for the same. For more information visit - http://techinfographics.com/selfie-infographic-selfiegraphic-facts-and-statistics/

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