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Top Myths of Dementia
Published by: smartbrainaging (16) on Wed, Apr 26, 2017  |  Word Count: 438  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Dementia is a topic that isn’t talked about often, but it should be. There are many things we know about dementia and one of those things is that dementia is increasing at an alarming rate. But there is still some misunderstood information out there about dementia.

Top 4 Myths of Dementia

1.Dementia is a natural part of aging
FALSE! Dementia is NOT a natural part of aging. Not every person who grows old will experience dementia. Dementia is a medical condition that not everyone gets. There happens to be millions of people that age without seeing their memory decline. However, dementia rates do increase with age, but people as young as their 30s can get dementia.

2.Dementia only occurs in elderly people
FALSE! Dementia can happen to anyone at any age. It is more common in elderly people, but dementia can also be the result of a stroke or brain damage from a head injury. People in their 30s and 40s have been diagnose with dementia so it is important to start doing things to mitigate dementia at any age.

3.There is nothing you can do to lower the risk of getting dementia
FALSE! There are things you can do to lower the risk of getting dementia. There is no cure, but dementia is a disease that progresses, so there are steps to take to slow down the progress of dementia. Learning new and novel things will release glutamate which will aide in keeping your brain strong and preventing memory loss. Just like working out your body, you need to work out your brain. Research has shown that participating in learning new things and using your mental abilities through playing brain games, like SMART Brain Aging’s Brain U Online, can decrease the risk of developing dementia.

4.There is nothing you can do once you get dementia
FALSE! There are things you can do to help you slow down the progression of dementia and help you live your life to the fullest. Since dementia is a progressive disease, you can do things to help slow it down. This will help make life easier on people who suffer from early onset dementia. Especially with the help of SMART Brain Aging’s trained employees, dementia sufferers will be able to live the quality of life they deserve.

Dementia is a tricky disease that we continue to study and learn about. Until we find a cure, the least we can do is spread awareness about dementia and inform others on how to mitigate it.

Author: SMART Brain Aging
Contact us :
SMART Brain Aging, Inc.
5111 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 105
Scottsdale, AZ
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