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What Are The Types of Heart Disorders
Published by: Liver Transplant (16) on Mon, Dec 1, 2014  |  Word Count: 542  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Indian Doctors are often more interested in the health of a heart since it is very vital and important organ for living. Like the other parts or organ of the body, a heart may also have some disorder or ailment that will cause it from functioning well. The truth is that few tasks could be performed by a person with a heart failure or disorder. Nowadays, new innovations and improve treatment has been impose to let cardiac patients live nearly their normal lives. Also, more recently, several fresh equipment and process of operation had saved the lives of more people who were hopeless formerly. Here are some of the disorders or diseases associated with the heart.
Rheumatic Fever - it is a disease that could appear after an infection of the spherical bacteria. These kinds of bacteria are also the cause of tonsillitis and sore throat. This fever can create scars in tissues of the heart and eventually worst is cause a leak. This sort of ailment may be intense enough to allow the valve to function properly. Many times, the remedy of this injury is through operations. However, the one that is so damaged could be replacing by an artificial valve.
Heart Attack - as a person gets older, the arteries may be become firm or intolerant. This may be severe if it happens on the coronary arteries, for supply of blood from the heart could be blocked. This will result into chest pain and muscle hardening. Mostly person with heart attacks had recovered. They just have to rest for weeks or more to regain their energy and back into its normal life.
High Blood Pressure - heart is beating to supply the pressure needed to move the blood along the vessels. As mentioned earlier, when a person gets older, its arteries will be narrowed. This will allow the heart to push harder to let the blood flow and eventually, will cause high blood pressure. Drugs are being used by the doctors to relax one's arterioles thus, lowering blood pressure.
Blue Babies - this disorder is present since birth and commonly noticed while you are still in infant. The reason for this is that there is a hole in the septum that divided the left and the right parts of the heart. The blue in color of the skin of a blue baby is due to the deoxygenated blood which is pump directly and flow from the right side and then to the left side of the heart. This bluish blood mixes with the oxygenated blood and then pumped all over the body. Operation can be done to close holes in the septum and remove the blue color.
Future medical and surgery skills could help prolong lives of the people. Series of studies and inventions had improved the facilities to sustain remedy and treatment for several heart disorders. Medical Indian doctors have wished to discover an ideal and healthy artificial heart to replace with the damaged one. However, more recently, in 1967, a first heart transplant in Pakistan was performed. This was followed by another operation until such time that successful heart transplant Pakistan operations have been increasing.
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