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When do you need portable sink
Published by: mike tyler (16) on Tue, Sep 17, 2019  |  Word Count: 847  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Portable sink is becoming a huge fashion these days as it provides for washing your hands in places you do not have access to traditional sinks. Like during a food festival we are very excited to taste from various geographic cultures but after we are done eating we want to wash our hands properly in a sink with freshwater. Using hand sanitizer does not work here because you can’t get rid of food particles. Here portable sink comes to your rescue! Portable sink with built in soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser will help you here. Portable sinks are easy to roll from and away from a particular location as per your need!

Needs for outdoor settings

Portable sinks come in 2 compartment, 3 compartment and four compartment.

The 2 compartment sink provides fresh water and has foot pump for dispensing dirty water into the other tank.You just need to plug the sink into the socket and water will start pouring into the sink.

The 3 compartment sink as the name suggests has three sinks inbuilt and will use high power electricity. There will be three sinks and two tanks for holding clean and dirty water. This sink will have propane powered water heater and hence you can get a fresh supply of hot water here.

The 4 compartment sink will have four sinks and is used in places which has multiple uses at the same time like restaurants or outdoor parties, etc.

They all consist of two tanks one for freshwater and other for waste water.

If you need hot water you should buy the one with electric heater. This type of portable sink needs to be plugged into the socket so it can’t be used in all outdoor settings. In indoor settings like hair salons, dentist, spas, food joints, catering food services and food trucks this can be easily used. Portable Sink Depot is an online store which sells good quality health department tested portable sinks. It has all types of two compartment, three compartment and four compartment sinks.

For your health needs

Portable sink is also good for health reasons. We will get rid of all germs and bacteria on our hands. It is good to wash your hands for 20 seconds with fresh water and lather up the soap well so as to clean up the hands properly. See that whichever portable sink you buy, it should be health department tested! Even if you are a scientist working in a chemical laboratory, you should wash away all the chemicals from your hands. In labs and medical settings it’s more necessary to clean up your hands as it might lead to the spreading of viruses and other contagious diseases. 

Reasons for buying portable sinks

1.It is fully functional on its own and has full plumbing and wastewater disposal system.

2.It is movable due to wheels and can be easily transported from one room to another as per the need. Like if someone is unable to move due to accident, it can be transported near the patient’s bed when he needs it. At other times if you feel it is occupying some corner of the room you can roll it to another room!

3.In play schools and nurseries we can make children learn the importance of washing hands after painting or eating. Little children might play with colours and dirty their hands, hence it’s necessary to place the portable sink in the playschools and near junior classes.

4.In cold places you can make use of the electric heater to heat up the water in a garden sink if you planning to arrange parties and ceremonies outside!

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