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Which businesses are easy targets for thieves
Published by: DFS Services (16) on Wed, Jun 10, 2020  |  Word Count: 892  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Which businesses are easy targets for thieves?


While it wouldn’t be fair to say that some businesses are easy to break-in and others are don’t, but there are some qualities which make certain businesses attractive targets and more valuable to break-in. For instance, jewelry stores are a high-value target as compared to grocery stores(home security system Bangalore). Thus, it becomes important that jewelry stores should employ additional security measures to keep their inventory safe and secure. The following are the three qualities that make some businesses high-value targets as compared to others.




Quality of High-Value Targets


  1. Cash Heavy Businesses


Intruders are more interested in attacking businesses that maintain a large value of money on hand(home security). For example, electronic stores, jewelry stores, and banks are more appealing targets for intruders.


  1. Businesses with Known Valuables


Pharmacies, liquor stores, jewelry stores, and electronic stores are all prime targets for intruders, as they all sell high-value products. Intruders can steal as many of these items as they can and then sell it for a profit.


  1. Businesses Opening Late


Businesses that are open late in the night is another quality that makes them a perfect choice for an intruder to break-in. For instance, bars, restaurants, and convenience stores. Because there are fewer people on the streets and fewer employees to protect, intruders prefer to invade late in the night.


Having said that, if your business category is not in the list above, it doesn’t mean that your business is not a potential target for thieves. Rather than taking your chances with intruders, you should install proper security measures to safeguard your business property.


If you want to know different ways to secure your business, click on the link below to read in more detail.




3 Qualities Making Your Business Perfect Target for Intruders - DFS


If you have not invested in a security system for your business, now would be the right time to do so. The business security system has several benefits to offer, and no business should avoid the importance of installing such solutions.


If you are curious about which security system would be most beneficial for your business, get in touch with DFS today and our experts will help you through. DFS is committed to offering the right solution that suits your needs to create a safer and more productive workplace environment. DFS offers a wide range of security solutions for businesses across industries and for every type of business including restaurants, high-value stores (jewelry shops, banks, and also offers home solutions burglar alarm system).


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