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Workout Alternatives
Published by: portlandfitness (16) on Sun, Feb 15, 2015  |  Word Count: 482  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Sometimes there’s nothing for it. You just can’t make it to the gym for some reason. You’re swamped at work, your family obligations are taking precedence, you’ve been working out for months and the last thing on earth you want to see is a barbell. But you still need to get a workout in. You still want to burn some calories, and you still want to get your muscles moving, even if it’s nothing huge. But how can you best do that without hitting the gym or doing an actual workout?

There are a lot of opportunities for people to burn more calories and get in at least a facsimile of a workout. One of the best examples is to forgo your regular commute and bike to work. In some cases it doesn’t even take that much longer. Between traffic (which can be zipped by or avoided on a bike) and parking (which is something of a non-issue for cyclists), biking can take a similar amount of time as driving, even if the you can’t go quite as fast. Cycling is a marvelous way to burn some calories and get in a decent workout while still being productive.

Other ways to burn calories take more imagination. Some things are still relatively simple to do, such as parking as far away from the doors to your office as you can or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. But there are other times when creativity will become a factor. When your computer is booting up, why not do a few pushups or squats? When you walk to get some coffee or use the bathroom, do some calf-raises as you go. If you’re on a conference call, do some curls and tricepspushdowns by cupping one hand in the other and resisting as you push down. Use the time you are given do get in whatever you can, and keep in mind that doing something is always better than doing nothing.

It’s not hard to get in a bit of exercise every day. It just may take some creativity on your part. The trick is to make things that you normally would do anyway just a little bit harder. That will tax your body and pump some blood into your muscles, and at least simulate a longer, more intense workout. As the day progresses, you’ll be surprised how worn out your body will become just by doing whatever you can whenever you can.
About the Author
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