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Australian Spouse Visa Requirements Rules And Procedure
Published by: Harpreet Singh (16) on Fri, Jul 16, 2021  |  Word Count: 542  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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If one is married to an Australian local, an Australian PR, an eligible New Zealand citizen, or a relationship for 12 months per common law. Then, they are suitable for immigrating to the country with a spouse visa. Here are the requirements, rules, and procedures related to the Australian spouse visa.

Requirements For an Australian Spouse Visa

One must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a spouse visa to Australia.
? The persons and their partners should have a shared relationship as a husband and wife, whether they are legally wed or not, to reject all others.
? The relationship should be authentic and ongoing.
? The spouses live together, or in simple words, they are not living separately permanently.
? Unless they are married, the partners must be in a relationship for at least a year. They must have evidence to show that they are in a relationship for the mentioned period in the latter.
? Typically, both the partners should be aged at least 18 or more.
? Both of them must clear the health and character norms.

Australian Spouse Visa: Rules And Procedure

The applicants may either be abroad or in Australia when applying for a spouse visa for Australia. Even though there are advantages when applying from within Australia, applicants should contact a visa consultant to avoid confusion.

Once their initial application is granted, the applicants will be issued with an extended eligibility temporary visa. It will allow them to stay in Australia for two years, and they will have full rights to work during that time.

There are some scenarios in which the applicants do not need to wait for two years before applying for permanent residence. This exception applies to the following situations.
? If the partner is in a relationship with their spouse for five years or more than five years when applying for the spouse visa for Australia.
? The partners have been in a relationship for at least two years, within which they have become parents of dependent children.
? One of the partners was granted a permanent visa either under the Australian humanitarian program or was given an Australian Protection Visa and was in a relationship with their current spouse before the visa grant. The relationship was declared to the immigration officials of Australia at the given time.

After two years, the applicant will be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Australia if the relationship is still ongoing after that period.
In some situations, the applicant may be allowed permanent residence in Australia, even if the relationship no longer exists before the two years are over. These circumstances are.
? If one of the partners has died within the period.
? If the spouses have kids under 18 years of age.
? If the applicants and their dependents have been given domestic violence within the period.

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Source Link: http://www.apsense.com/article/australian-spouse-visa-requirements-rules-and-procedure.html
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