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Why Should You Love Cows
There are many reasons to love cows. These are adorable creatures who always give love for love. Caring for cows is a virtue to have. This article lists all these reasons to love cows and contribute to Gauseva.
By: gausevafoundation Published in NGO
Online Donation For Cows All You Need To Know
To help the Indian cows, many foundations have come forward, but they need help and support from others. People wish to help these foundations, for which they have made online donations possible. This blog is all about it.
By: gausevafoundation Published in NGO
7 ways human resources will be different in 2022
Representative of the Synagic Group, which provides business back office solutions based in California, USA. In his private life, he is involved in entrepreneurship training programs at universities through NGO activities. Lives in Beverly Hills, Californ
By: JustinPit Published in NGO
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