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Intellectual Property
Introduction of Journalists and its role in society
Journalists are people who are dedicated to journalism, in any of their Art Journalism, whether in the written press, radio, television or digital media.
By: Anymediainfo Published in Intellectual Property
Benefit Your Business Protect Your Intellectual Property
If you have developed a superior way of doing something - from manufacturing, through to software or a business process - then your first move should be to protect your idea from others who might seek to copy it. It is a good idea to retain an....
By: AR & CO Published in Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Lawyer and Copyright Protection in Islamabad
Intellectual property Services in Islamabad is an area of the law which is constantly changing and can be quite complicated. Intellectual Property Rights Islamabad can usually be allocated to one of the main 4 categories. One of the main recognisable...
By: AR & CO Published in Intellectual Property
Understanding Intellectual Property Services in Islamabad Pakistan
Technology is crucial to businesses today and therefore it has become more important than ever to protect your intellectual property Islamabad ('IP') rights. It is not uncommon for businesses to under appreciate the...
By: AR & CO Published in Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Valuation
A topic of interest to many of our customers is intellectual property valuation. Intellectual Property professionals intuitively understand that IP has monetary value and use a number of ways to approximate it, but there is no standardized method for...
By: AR & CO Published in Intellectual Property
Use Intellectual Property Law in Islamabad to Protect Your Bright Ideas
Remember Archimedes in his bath? While the concept of having a bright idea is centuries old, the thought that it could have legal protection is relatively new. The words "intellectual property" were not coined until the 19th century, though the legal.....
By: AR & CO Published in Intellectual Property
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