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Excellent Ways for Upper Lip Hair Removal
Published by: liphairremoval (16) on Sat, Sep 13, 2014  |  Word Count: 646  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Unwanted Hair growing on the upper lip of women is a problem that is irritating and spoils the beauty of your face. There are numerous methods available for upper lip hair removal. However the real challenge is to pick the perfect option that is suitable for your skin condition. Here are listed two effective methods available for removing the upper lip hair, from which you can choose the best option.

  1. Bleaching method

The cosmetic world is flooded with cream bleach, which guarantees to lighten unwanted black hairs on the upper lips. Bleached hairs will remain light for up to two weeks. Beware while choosing the best bleach that is specially designed for facial upper lip hair removal. If your skin is sensitive then search with care for the best cream that well suit your type of skin, oily, dry etc.

  • It is essential that you spot test the bleaching cream on your sensitive sin by applying it on your inner wrist and leave for 10 minutes and then wash thoroughly. You can proceed with facial bleaching in case there are no irritation or red patches formed.

  • Apply the cream with an applicator on the mustache area of the facial skin. While applying on the upper lip avoid coming in touch with the nostrils skin.

  • Keep the cream for a recommended period of time and then wipe away the cream with the cotton pad.

  • Avoid keeping the cream on skin for more than 10 minutes.

  • Thoroughly rinse the skin in order to remove residues irritation.

  1. Waxing method

Waxing helps in perfect upper lip hair removal entirely that can be done with professional help or with a home waxing kit purchased from a medical store. There are waxing strips and spreadable waxing available in stores.

You can opt for waxing only if your facial hair is grown long enough for the steaming wax to catch hold of. In case you are not willing to grow facial hair then there is short hair wax available in the market.

  • Wash your face with warm water or steam your face over a hot water bowl. Once your facial skin becomes warm the pores will open, which help in removing the hairs.

  • Mostly the wax should be warmed up but there are options available such as wax strips. Read the instructions carefully before starting the procedure.

  • Spread the warmed up liquid wax over the upper lip area with the applicator but avoid applying it on the delicate skins on the soft lips.

  • Next step is applying the wax strip on the mustache area for upper lip hair removal starting smoothly from one side and steadily over the upper lip skin.

  • Wait for the recommended period of time

  • Quickly tear off the wax strip with single motion. This upper lip hair removal process will pluck the hair along with the wax completely. Never rip it off in several motions or slowly, because it will hurt your skin more.

  • Thoroughly clean and rinse your facial skin without ant residue.

Avoid upper lip hair removal with shaving method, because the hair might grow thicker and rougher.


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