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Positive Impact of Limitations in Web Designing
Published by: huzaifa (16) on Tue, Nov 19, 2013  |  Word Count: 510  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Positive Impact of Limitations in Web Designing

Most of the web designers Islamabad have a negatively biased attitude towards the various limitations or constraints being applicable on them. On one side the clients want the web design to be unique and appealing and on the other side there are limiting factors. The designers usually find themselves in a catch twenty situation.
For some of the designing companies the price of the service is the prime concern. First the price is decided and then the designers are asked to create an appealing website that fits that price. This implies that these companies first decide upon the price and then towards the designing process.
Some designers consider the time of more importance than money. They first decide when the web design in Islamabad project has to be completed and then stick to fulfilling the commitment, no matter what happens.
Some of the major limitations are as follows.
- Purpose
Excess of freedom can be harmful for the web designers Pakistan. Some of the web designing tools and coding languages are such that they offer maximum liberty for the designer to design as per his/her whims and fancies. Usually in these sorts of circumstance the designer tends to decorate the website so much so that it at times looks garish. The fun element is used to make the website more appealing but this may not have any purpose. If it is having a definite purpose then it is constructive but if not then is destructive because it wastes the time of the visitor. When there are limitations everything that a designer does serves a purpose.
- Color
If a lot of colors are used in the color scheme, the chances of consistency being maintained are very less. It would make it difficult for the visitor to relate the web pages. At times the difference in the colors can be irritating too. For example, what would you feel if you come across a website with one page having a red background and the other a black background? At times limitations in the color scheme is necessary to maintain the consistency.
- Typography
If there is lot of variation in the typography or the types of fonts used, it can lead to confusion for the visitor. When the content becomes difficult to read the chance of generating business are drastically reduced. The typography should be such that the visitor is able to read it easily.
- Size
If the size of the web page is too big then you may need the scroll bar and this could make the visitor uncomfortable. The devices for accessing the websites are now available in different sizes. The designer has to decide and fix on to one specific size which according to him/her makes the visitors comfortable.
- Minimalism
This is about minimum use of all the resources available such as the colors and other visual elements or graphic elements. The designer can make the website attractive with use of minimalism approach.
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