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Qualities Features to Look for While Purchasing a Motorbike Leather Suit
Published by: Elvin Ashton (16) on Tue, Nov 29, 2011  |  Word Count: 452  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Motorbike leather suits of various brands are available in the market each having its own good & bad aspects. Before going to purchase a suit you must have the knowledge of the qualities and the features a motorbike leather suit. Spending money is one thing whereas purchasing best quality motorbike leather suit is the other. The main purpose is to have full protection with a graceful & attractive outlook. Here I'll tell you about the qualities & features you should look for while purchasing a motorbike leather suit.

Type of the leather used in a motorbike leather suit is one of the most important things so make sure that the best quality leather has been used in the suit. Thickness of leather is another important feature. More thickness means more weight & less thickness means less protection. Therefore, a suit with the medium level of leather thickness is the better choice. Next you must observe the type of perforation and the venting features of the suit. Similarly there are some other features & qualities you must look for in a motorbike leather suit.

These are:

  • Type of padding & protection.

  • Type of spine protection, aero humps or inserts.

  • Slider type & hardness.

  • Type and quantity of stitching.

  • Internal lining removability.

  • Insert pockets or snap-ins for back protectors.

  • Stretch fabric use & flexibility.

Basic motorbike gear includes a good quality helmet, motorbike gloves, motorbike boots and the motorbike suits. In case of an accident or bike crash helmet protects your head & the face, gloves give protection to your hands & boots protects your feet from being injured while there are certain critical areas of the body such as the backbone, knees, shoulders, and hips etc which come under the protection of the motorbike suits. Therefore, the most important thing to look for in a motorbike leather suit is the protection zones.

Motorbike leather suit you purchase must have proper protection for the shoulders, elbows, spine, hips, knees, shins, chest and thighs. It must have the proper ventilation so that you can wear it even when the weather is hot. Motorbike leather must fit well on the body while being much comfortable as well. Knee, elbow and the shoulder amour should not be loose. Last but not the least a motorbike leather suit must have an elegant & beautiful design so that in addition to providing protection it gives you a good outlook.

Motorbike leather suit is a must have for the enthusiastic bikers who love to ride heavy bikes & participate in the races more often. This provides protection to your body as well as keeps you mentally relaxed & focused.

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