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Should We Give Radha Krishna Idols As A Wedding Gift
Published by: vivek (16) on Mon, Apr 13, 2020  |  Word Count: 477  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Radha Krishna idol is a trending traditional gift in today’s Hindu weddings. Is it auspicious to give Radha Krishna idols for newlywed couples? Before answering the question let’s discuss the sentiment behind gifting Radha Krishna idols.-

This is the only religion that signifies and glorifies the love and beauty of human beings. And the story of Radha and Krishna is the most romantic of them all. According to the myths and epics, Krishna is the avatar of Lord Vishnu and Radha is the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. In other words, this is the romantic story of Love between God and goddesses in human form. Though you may think, that gifting the idols of Radha and Krishna as gifts for newlyweds is divine and also a lot of romance is present there but Radha and Krishna never got married.

Why it is Inauspicious to Gift Radha Krishna Idols?
Although the love of Radha and Krishna is considered to be the purest of love by the myths and legends, the end of the story is not happy. It is also considered the story of pain at separation in love.
Radha was one of the ‘Gopikas’ and Krishna was the son of a landlord in the village. Krishna’s favourite Gopika what’s Radha and with time they both fell in love with each other. However,
because Krishna had to leave Vrindavan at a very young age, Krishna and Radha sadly never got married. Thus, the days of love and happiness were limited and short for Radha and Krishna.

Citing the reason for short-lived love between Radha and Krishna, metal Spiritual manufacturers in India recommend, not to give Radha Krishna idols to newly weds. For a newlywed couple, you should be wishing a long-lasting relationship and as it turns out, Radha Krishna idols are not the best gift to buy for this occasion.

Occasions to Gift Radha Krishnan Idols

Since the idols of Radha and Krishna are not for a newly wedded couple, however, according to , they make a great gift for many other locations, for example, anyone attending the housewarming party of a neighbour or a birthday party of any friend. These idols can be gifted even on Janmashtami celebrations and festivals like Holi and Diwali. These are the perfect home décor that serves the purpose of both godly and trendy.

Alternative to Radha Krishna Idols
lord Shiva brass statue manufacturers suggest that Lord Shiva and Parvati’s idol that represents eternal love and devotion to each other is the perfect gift for newly wedded couples. Another perfect gift for New Zealand couple is the idol of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi together, I was always outside Lord Vishnu and his incarnation as the baby Lord Sriram.
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