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Things to Consider Before Applying for an Employer Sponsored Visa
Published by: Harpreet Singh (16) on Wed, Jun 23, 2021  |  Word Count: 691  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Going to Australia for work on recommendation and sponsorship by an employer(s) is a proud moment for any employee(s). An employer-sponsored visa allows employers to sponsor overseas employees for which employees apply. But halt, before getting excited, read this guide about the different types of employer-sponsored visas and their eligibility criteria.

Considering the Type of Visa

It is an essential thing that one should consider before applying for an employer-sponsored visa. There are different kinds of visas depending on the requirements of the individual. Here is some information on all those types.

Temporary Skilled Shortage: - It allows one to stay and work in Australia temporarily. The person is allowed to work in their chosen occupation under their employer's sponsor. The period after which the applicant must say goodbye to the country is either 1/4 years, depending on the eligibility.

Temporary Activity Visa: - It allows applicants to temporarily stay and do small tasks in Australia such as research or sports activities.

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa: - About 9000 places are available regarding this Visa. People who have this Visa can obtain permanent Australian residency after working for some years in the country.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa: - This subclass 187 visas have been replaced by the subclass 494 visa, but employees who have been already lodged before the replacement will be processed.

Employer Nomination Scheme: - This Visa has three areas, these are the labor agreement stream, temporary residency stream, and the direct entry stream, both the direct entry and temporary residence transition stream allow a person to get permanent residency for self as well as family.

Consider the Eligibility

Now that people know about the visa types, they should also consider whether they are eligible for a particular visa before applying. For their help and reference, the eligibility criteria are given below.

Temporary Skilled Shortage: - Keep in mind that the chosen occupation should fall under this Visa's relevant skilled occupation list.
* Employees must qualify for the skills assessment test.
* This Visa has no age limit.
* The employee must pass IELTS or similar test with the appropriate points.
* Employees must have relevant skills and qualifications.

Temporary Activity Visa: - The eligibility criteria for this Visa may slightly differ as per the applied stream.
* Employee(s) must adhere to the additional criteria of their stream.
* Sponsorship should be compulsory.
* Employee(s) must have the required skills for the activity they will do in the country.

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa: - The employee's salary should not be below 53,900 dollars, along with overtime bonuses to apply.
* The age limit is under 45 years.
* The occupation chosen should be in the RSOL.
* Minimum work experience is three years.
* The place of work should be in an Australian regional area.
* The minimum designation exists for five years.
* Employee(s) must qualify for a skills assessment test.
* Employee(s) must be proficient in English.

Employer Nomination Scheme: - These are the eligibility criteria for the employer nomination scheme visa.
* Age must be 45 years.
* The chosen occupation must be in the RSOL.
* The minimum lasting years for a job role is two years.
* Employee(s) must pass IELTS with 6 points in each section.

Considering Employer Sponsorship

Employee(s) and their boss must adhere to these eligibility criteria to become eligible for an employer-sponsored visa.
* English proficiency and age of the employee(s).
* Qualifications and or professional experience of employee(s).
* The offered salary, designation, and the shortage occupation list.

Besides this, the employer requires SBS consent. The employer must meet this criterion before the Visa gets approved.

HS Consultants Education & Migration has assisted a wide range of employers, overseas organizations, and agencies, renew or get an employer-sponsored visa. Suppose one is an Australian employer interested in hiring an overseas employee or an employee who is being sponsored. In that case, their Employer-Sponsored Visa Consultant in India will give a person tailored advice and help them match the criteria to get an employer-sponsored visa.
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