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Web Design Development Pakistan
Published by: huzaifa (16) on Tue, Mar 5, 2013  |  Word Count: 1095  |  Comments ( 0)  l  Rating
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Web Design, Development Pakistan

Dynasols, based in Islamabad, the biggest business city of Pakistan since 2006, specialize in web design development. Over 10 years we have helped clients build great web and mobile applications design and development. Every web project is built primarily using open source technologies and are tailor made to fit unique requirements. Our aim has always been cutting edge web design coupled with rock solid web programming. We work with different types of organizations across a range of industries including companies, charities, not-for-profits, business schools, and individuals. We love what we do and this is evident in the work we produce as well as the excellent relationships we have developed with our clients.

Web design is process by which people show their creativity in virtual world. People who design web site he known as web designers and the profession of their are web design. According to Wikipedia: Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that are delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, using a Web browser or other Web-enabled software. The base of web design is html.If you want to learn web design you have to learn many programming language e. g. html, css, javascript, php, mysql etc.

There are two types of web design patters one is static and another is dynamic. Do you want to design static website? ok, in few minutes you can design a static website cause there are no need of complex coding, you just use html and css. But if you want to become dynamic wed design professional then you have to learn many programming language such as php, mysql, ajax,wp etc.


What we understand through web designing, it all about showing your creativity of content or presentation to the worldwide users by using web browsers or other software’s. If we want to learn the web design we should learn so many programming languages. Examples, html, JavaScript etc. people now a day’s get opportunities of free lancing online market in which they can make their ways to do web designs online because online jobs demand for this web designers. Now days this opportunity of web designing are giving to every individual where every individual can show his or her creativity or skills online worldwide.

5 tips which make us better web designer:
There are 9 tips which are as follows which which improver our web designing and also teach us how to improve our web designing through different ways. It is the interesting part of the web designing, searching and consuming the information is a big task or we can say the essential task for the people for surpassing buying, playing and communicating, these all include the good material of information design themselves. How the material is being presented to the readers and how it’s being structured through which the users attract to it so every web designer’s should keep in mind that how to present their creativity their material to the world.

1. Be methodical
Step by step process clarify the users and guide them how to use the web site,
It is very hard for the person to organize the content or so many stuff either you don’t know that what exactly the stuff is. So first task is to shrink through the websites content and goals. A web site content included video, images, and a briefed explanation given on that site to interact the people which would give the whole information or the relevant information to the people which will attract them.
For example, if a user is looking for the hotel room reservation then they should give the detailed information about the hotels. Their timings, their charges all the things include in it they should provide them. With the hotel images their previous vides which will attract the users.

Once they have got a grasp of what’s going in to the site. They should prioritize the information and they should try to figure out that how users will attract towards it. What ways they should try to take and focus them to accomplish their goals. What information should give in front page? What pages are more important? Which videos and pictures should be seen on front pages which will support their information and achieve their goals?
FOR EXAMPLE: if users are not aware about the restaurant which we set up the information on our web site then we should look forward and focus on our information through which people or users can aware of it and their ads make them beneficial.

2. Think out of the box
There are many web sites, which rearranged and reorganize their information through different ways. Either through advertisements, through different schemes etc. they may target the different or selective groups that mean they again and again change and rearranged their menus or websites it seems more logical or we can say that they are thinking out of the box.

3. Keep your structure balanced
When we communicating or interact with users through our information we always think about that how our information should be structures and organize either it should be deep or simple or complex. Deep means how many categories it would have, if there would be so may items then maybe it would confuse the users. So the matter should be simple and clean which can be easily understand by the users.

4. Design for scanning, skimming and jumping
Usually web designers do that they wrap the useful and key information in the bundle of text which people don’t recognize that and may switch to the other website. The main and the important information should be highlighted in front page so users can not over look that.dont give the information in paragraph form whether it would be the terms and condition which people may not see or they may feel lazy to read the whole paragraphs.

5. Design text that wants to be read
Using too small font, light contrast colors, background color or badly using light colors will make the users difficult to read the context but beyond these ways there are some other ways to correct your websites by actually correcting these all things. All things should be given in titles and sub titles. And they should use some other techniques for pulling the eye of users.

If you want to know more please click this link


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